"BETH TEPHILLAH" the House of Prayer
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Welcome To  Beth Tephillah! on the


We are a new Messianic  Israelite Congregation, currently we are meeting on Fridays at 7:00 P.M.We meet in the Psalmist ministries Building Located at: 1730 N.N.W. Loop 323 Tyler, Texas. Right by the "Van (Hwy 110 N.) Highway"

We welcome you to come share and help us build a work for Messiah! Become rooted and grounded in your faith as we grow.

If you would like additional information  or directions, please contact us at: (903)581-5461 just ask for  Pastor Baker: or leave your name and a message. I will return your call as soon as possible. God Bless you!

Learn of Your Hebraic Heritage!

Join with us as we discover our Hebraic Heritage together in the atmosphere of study (midrash) together . The only "tools" you will need is  your Bible and your very own personal brain.

Come and join the fun as we Midrash! 

The Glory of God in our midst is our desire and goal.

Yashua the Messiah came just for You!




Study the Bible with us - Torah is the foundation of Faith!

Not justan everyday Bible Study, this is a time where your input is encouraged and expected! Come prepared.

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